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World T.E.A.M. recommends using Microsoft Edge, Safari and Firefox for the Adventure Team Challenge Colorado website. Chrome can also be used, but it is not recommended as user plugin programs may create issues. Using older browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, are not recommended. It is also recommended to reach the site using newer operating systems, such as Windows 10 or the latest version of Android and Mac OS.

Returning athletes and volunteers from previous Adventure Team Challenge Colorado programs need to create a new user account, specifying a new user name and password. Old account information from 2014-2017 was not carried over to the new site. If you were a participant in our Face of America Gettysburg cycling challenge in 2018 or 2019, your user name and password can be used.

If you already created an account for this year’s Challenge and forgot your password, you may request a password reset through our Login page.

If you are adding content to your Adventure Team Challenge Colorado participant fundraising page, keep in mind that pop-up blockers may cause issues with the online software. If you have a pop-up blocker, disable it for the site.

Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari are preferred browsers for the software. Google Chrome is not recommended, as plugins can create issues, and Internet Explorer older than version 10 can also have issues.

Also, there are limitations as to the digital images that you can post to your page. You can upload a 4MB image to your participant page, but be aware that the maximum pixel size for the image is 300 x 127. Anything larger than that will be rendered at 300 x 127 pixels when viewed in your participant center.

You can import contacts to your participant center to use in outgoing fundraising emails. Your page can be linked to your personal email account for distribution through Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and AOL. Also, you may link your page to your Facebook account, allowing posting of stories to help in fundraising.

Your online Personal Center includes the capability to send email messages to an uploaded contact list. This service is helpful to help raise funds in support of your ride. Using a spreadsheet software program such as Microsoft Excel, create a list of your contacts that includes only these required fields: Email, First Name and Last Name (the column heads must exactly match the case shown). Add these headers to your columns and save as a comma-delimited (.csv) format file. Log into your Personal Center using your user name and password. Click on the Communications tab. From this tab, you can upload your contact file to your Personal Center using the Excel logo upload function (you can also import contact records from Gmail and Yahoo). When your file is uploaded, your records will appear in your main address book on the left. At this point, you can create your personal email communication – we’ve provided a few templates from which to choose. Select from your personal contact the records for distribution and click on the red send box in the lower right to mail. Prefer to mail directly from your own email program? Use the “Select Text” option to copy and paste.


Contact World T.E.A.M. by email and our team will make a correction within the registration software. We can add you to a team if requested. If you registered in the wrong category, we will attempt to transfer the registration, but if you customized your personal fundraising page, this information may be lost. Please be specific in your request.

Participant categories in the Adventure Team Challenge Colorado registration system have pre-determined limits according to the maximum athletes allowed through our organization’s permits. If a particular category is missing, that means it has reached capacity. For some categories, waiting lists of interested athletes may be established. Athletes on waiting lists will be notified directly by World T.E.A.M. by email message if an opening becomes available. To add your name to the World T.E.A.M. adaptive athlete waiting list, complete our online questionnaire. We’ll select from this list as positions become available. Note that all adaptive athletes who are accepted for participation will receive an email message containing a private link to the registration page. Only by using this link will the category be available for selection.

Our Adventure Team Challenge Colorado registration and fundraising site uses coding cookies to remember previous visitors, so if you discover you are running into difficulties in registering online (or are having problems in donating to a rider), try clearing your Internet browser memory and cache. In most browsers, you can clear the history through the browser’s “Tools” or “Options” tab. Alternately, if you have more than one browser available on your computer, try using your alternate browser. This often happens when two or more participants use a single computer to register.


World T.E.A.M. requires that all participants meet or exceed their category fundraising commitment by August 30. If you have not met your commitment, your credit card account on file will be charged the remaining amount. This charge date will be in the weeks following the conclusion of the Adventure Team Challenge Colorado.

Many teams work together at Adventure Team Challenge Colorado to organize combined fundraising events in support of their team members. These include happy hours at local restaurants, comedy fundraisers, and more. For potential ideas and strategies, please visit our fundraising page. In addition to helpful forms for downloading and printing, you will also find a selection of tips and ideas for group and individual fundraising.

All registered athletes must meet their category fundraising commitment to participate. Teams may choose to combine fundraising raised by individual members, however. If your team is combining fundraising, your team captain will need to notify World T.E.A.M. by August 30 to avoid any credit card charges.

Incoming donations and sponsor support for Adventure Team Challenge primarily covers program costs. This includes providing transportation, lodging and meals for our participating athletes, as well as permitting and reservation fees.

World T.E.A.M. is a federally-recognized 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity based in Boston, Massachusetts and incorporated in North Carolina. Detailed financial information about the organization, including IRS Form 990s for most years dating back to 1994, a recent audited financial statement, and annual reviews can be found on our organization’s financial page. Since we are a small organization with only a few staff members, in 2018, about 93 cents of every incoming dollar went directly toward supporting our sporting programs and our participating athletes.

Participants who receive checks from donors in support of their fundraising should package and mail these to World T.E.A.M.‘s finance office in Holbrook, New York. Please include a note as to which fundraising account should be credited. Alternatively, you may download, print and complete our PDF-format mailed check form to include with your check. All checks must be received no later than Wednesday, September 2 to be added to your rider and team fundraising totals. After that date, please bring the checks with you to athlete check-in and registration. Our mailing address for donations is:

World T.E.A.M. 
Adventure Team Challenge Colorado 2020
4250 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Ste 420E
Holbrook NY  11741-4020

Please note that checks are processed by our finance office in batches, and only twice weekly. So, please allow up to three weeks for processing and adding to your online fundraising page. Once the checks are entered, and are posted, you will receive an automated email listing the donation. Donors receive emailed acknowledgements only when they include an email address with their donation. Our non-profit organization mails acknowledgement letters for our larger donations, usually $250 or more.

Optionally, you may enter your checks as pledges on your fundraising site prior to mailing. Here is the procedure to enter your pledged checks:

    1. Log into your personal fundraising center.
    2. On your Overview tab, you’ll find a red box “Enter Gifts” in the lower left corner. Click on this.
    3. On the pledge page, select your donation pledge (if not one of the set amounts, type in the amount in the box).
    4. In the method of payment, click on the drop-down menu to the right and select “Check.”
    5. Enter the check number.
    6. If the donor wants to be on your Honor Roll, type in the name and click the box if you want to show the amount.
    7. Add the personal information where indicated. The fields with asterisks are required; if you want an acknowledgement to be sent at the time of the donation processing, enter the email. The full address should be entered for larger donations of $250 or more, as we will mail printed acknowledgement letters to donors.
    8. Click on the green submit button in the lower right.

Many larger businesses offer employees matching funds for charitable causes. If your company is one that offers matching funds, you will need to first work with your human resources office to arrange for the corporate donation. Often, the company or their corporate giving partner will contact World T.E.A.M. to inquire if a donation has been made and to confirm the dollar amount. Once we have confirmed, the matching donation will be mailed to us within a month or six weeks. We can credit your account once the donation has been received, but you should continue to monitor.

Almost everyone has a Facebook account, and Facebook makes it easy to raise funds for nonprofit organizations by offering a convenient donate button you can include in posts. However, donations raised through Facebook have some drawbacks that will require additional effort by you as a fundraiser.

First, donations are not made to World T.E.A.M. but to Facebook’s non-profit owned for profit corporation, Network for Good. Donations are processed by Network for Good and transferred to World T.E.A.M. following the 15th of each month. This means it may take up to six weeks or longer for the donation to arrive.

Donations are also provided anonymously owing to Facebook’s privacy policy – there is no indication from Network for Good as to who made the donation or to whom the credit should be applied.

To receive credit for your personal fundraising account, you need to submit by email a complete listing of the donations and the dates of the donations, including the donor name (and address if available). If you are participating in more than one World T.E.A.M. program, you also will need to designate to which program the donations is to be applied.

Owing to these factors, it is a better choice to include in your Facebook post a link direct to your personal fundraising page. Your donations will be directly credited to your account within minutes of the donation, and your donor will receive an acknowledgement from World T.E.A.M., rather than from Network for Good.


Adaptive athletes traveling to Adventure Team Challenge Colorado are eligible for certain travel expenses, such as gasoline for travel by vehicle or airline ticketing reservations and costs.

Adaptive athletes may be invited to travel by air to Denver International Airport by the event manager. If you are from outside the Colorado area, this may be an option for you.

In traveling, certain expenses are not reimbursed. These expenses include any tolls on highways, meals, airport or hotel parking fees, baggage fees, in-flight entertainment, alcoholic beverages or seat upgrade fees.


World T.E.A.M. will provide sleeping bags and basic pads for participating athletes upon request.

Air mattresses and pillows are not included. Bring your own if you need additional padding for warmth and comfort.

Until the sun sets at night (about 7:26 p.m. in this region of Colorado), it will be warm in camp, so shorts and shirts will suffice. After sundown, long pants, a wool hat and a warm jacket – even a winter down jacket – are encouraged for use around the campfire. A set of comfortable camp shoes is recommended. (Don’t forget to look at the skies at night – if it is not cloudy, the Milky Way will be brilliantly visible, as will numerous passing orbiting satellites.)

There will be several Porta-Potties stationed throughout the camp for the use of participants, volunteers and their families. A few ADA accessible potties will also be at camp. Please keep these units clean. Along the course, there will be a few potties available at select locations (including ADA accessible). While on the course, you have the usual outdoors option available in private locations.

The Rancho del Rio resort has a few pay showers available. If you do not bring your own quarters for the showers, you can visit the small store at the resort to purchase quarters. The store is open most days.

Often, the event organizers will set up free solar showers for use in casual cleaning near the Porta-Potties. There are also is a wash station with soap near the camp kitchen for washing hands and faces.

Yes, these tin-foil thin blankets do work to warm you, but usually, they are used only in emergency situations. The sleeping bags in the camp will be warm enough to keep you warm at night. Remember that the Challenge is held in the Colorado Rockies and it gets warm during the days – plan on temperatures as high as the upper 70s. Night time lows at Rancho del Rio are usually in the low 30s.

The Adventure Team Challenge Colorado is hosted in the high Colorado Rockies north of Eagle in the Colorado River valley. Cellular telephone service is not available at the camp or along the course. There is no public Wi-Fi or Internet service at the campsite – you will need to travel south to Eagle or Edwards or east to Kremmling along Trough Road to connect to the network.


For participants and volunteers, World T.E.A.M. provides dinner on Thursday, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday.

Here’s a breakdown of the meals at the Rancho del Rio camp:

      • Breakfasts consist of coffee, bagels, fruit, cold cereal and oatmeal.
      • For Friday and Saturday lunches, we provide a selection of food to pack a sack lunch to take with you on the course. This includes cold cuts, sandwich condiments, cookies, fruit, energy bars, etc.
      • Dinners include a taco truck on Thursday, an evening of barbecue meats and an evening of grilled steak and salmon.

For all meals, plenty of water and sports drinks will be available. We normally have water, beer and soft drinks available for adult participants for evening meals, along with coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate in the morning breakfasts.

Although we are not nutritional experts, from experience, you should select food that you find to be useful for physical activities. Don’t discover out on the course that you don’t like energy bars, for instance – taste the bars ahead of the Challenge to find your favorite. During breakfast each morning, a selection of bagels, peanut butter bars, cold cuts, fruits, etc. that can be easily included in your day pack for lunch or a snack is available – choose what you like best for your meal on the trail.


Participants have the option of bringing their own clipless pedals and cycling shoes if desired. The rental bikes come with flat platform pedals, but these can be swapped at the beginning of the Challenge (don’t forget to swap out the pedals at the end of the event to bring your set home!).

For those who will be riding standard off-road bikes, tubes should be the 26 inch standard mountain bike size. Don’t forget to bring a multi-tool and tire levers so you change a tire on the course. (There is no course sag wagon or bike mechanic to rescue you during the event!)

The tubes in the rental off-road bike tires have Presta valves.

Athletes should bring their own helmets for cycling, climbing, rafting and other activities. Most athletes use the same helmet for all activities, so bring one that fits well and is comfortable. World T.E.A.M. will have some helmets available for use by participants if you do not bring your own.

Comfortable bicycling gloves are a necessity. If a team is planning to do a lot of pulling during the Challenge, consider a high quality glove such as Fox Mountain Biking Gloves. Be sure to pay attention to the amount of padding, so they don’t become too waterlogged during the water stages.

Consider a pair of triathlon shorts or non-padded short for competition. Quick-dry hiking shorts are also an option.


There will be rappelling and rope activities in the Challenge. If you have your own gear, bring it (be sure to label everything with your name!). If you don’t have your own gear, the organizers have a limited amount of gear that can be borrowed.

GPS units for teams will not be necessary, but can be carried if desired.

Towing systems for adaptive off-road hand cycles from standard bicycles usually use a cord, webbing, bungee or some adaptation. It’s an efficient way to contribute energy (not “dragging” the athlete). Ascents for the hand cycles and recumbent bicycles are difficult, so teams usually work together, using carabiners, clipping into a line, creating a tripod, etc. – whatever works to distribute energy. Towing systems are also useful for some hills, which are off-camber, to keep participants safe. World T.E.A.M. will provide teams with a bag of loaner gear for use if you do not bring your own.

Participants should avoid using large backpacks, but small day packs or a large Camelbak water system with a bladder will be useful. If you are purchasing new gear for the Challenge, many day packs today are water-system adaptable, with convenient holes for water supply tubing.

Most participants at past Challenges have worn trail running shoes with some tread. Some participants choose to wear mid height ankle socks owing to the brush along the trails. A lightweight synthetic or wool sock that will provide performance when wet is recommended – no cotton.

Participants and teams should carry small First Aid kits for any on-trail emergency. Be sure your kit includes the usual First Aid items, but also include treatment for blisters. Basic kits will be available at the event to borrow.

Gaiters are shin-high, nylon clothing worn on the lower legs that help guard against bushes and prickly seeds getting into socks. Some participants wear these for the hikes and for cycling on single-track segments. Most leading outdoor shops carry gaiters in sizes for men and for women.

These straps are useful to secure equipment to the raft. As a recommendation, two 12-foot one-inch Nylon straps will be useful. World T.E.A.M. will have a some straps available to borrow, but you may want to purchase a few for your team’s use. Outdoor and rafting shops, including online shops, carry these straps, which are not expensive. Alternately, any Nylon strap will work – check with your local hardware store.


This is a team challenge. The spirit of the event is that each team starts, and each team finishes … together. There may be situations along the course where team members are required to split up for a short time. The team will need to decide in these instances which member goes where.

The Challenge will be held in at an altitude of 6,500 to 8,500 feet above sea level – participants from lower altitudes may need a day or two to adjust to the higher altitude. As a suggestion, lots of water and good sleep should help (no late night partying). If you have concerns how you may be personally affected by the altitude, please consult your physician.

The orienteering practice prior to the Challenge beginning will be for the beginner map reader. Participants will need to measure distance, read topographic map contour lines, know all the symbols on the map, orient the map to the terrain, and know how to carry and protect the map so they can readily read it.

We will have the maps prepared for the teams with all check points and transition areas marked. Maps are provided each evening for the following day’s stage.

The Colorado River is flowing west from the high 14,000-foot mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park, along the Continental Divide, so expect the water to be chilly. A temperature in the low 40s is common.

Water volume can range between 1,000 and 1,800 cubic feet per second in early September, depending on precipitation along the Continental Divide to the east. In addition, the warmth of the preceding summer can also melt most, if not all, of the previous winter’s snow pack.

All participants will be fitted for wetsuits by Timberline Tours on Thursday evening in camp. Snorkels, masks, fins and goggles will not needed.

A sail for the raft is not necessary.


For all participants, if you find you are unable attend Adventure Team Challenge Colorado, notify World T.E.A.M. as soon as possible by email message. You may change your registration to our virtual participant category if you want to remain remotely active in the program, useful if you are a member of a team. Registration fees and donations are not refundable. You can assign donations to another participant or to your team if you wish.

Withdrawals following July 20, 2020 will result in a charge to the credit account provided at registration to meet your fundraising commitment.

World T.E.A.M. greatly appreciates our new and returning volunteers! Individuals who have an interest in volunteering for Adventure Team Challenge need to first register online through this site. During the registration process, volunteer candidates can indicate the days they are available, their interests and their volunteer background. Our volunteer committee will review all interested candidates and look for a match for days and interests. If you match one of the available opportunities, you will be contacted directly by the appropriate committee coordinator. If you do not hear from a volunteer coordinator, a matching opportunity has not been found – please do not show up at the event planning to help. Contact may take weeks or even a month or longer from the date of registration. Volunteers may need to complete and submit a World T.E.A.M. volunteer agreement to participate.

All confirmed volunteers will receive meals, lodging and camping. Check with your volunteer coordinator to see what you receive for your assistance.

There are several reports available for review and downloading by team captains through the team page. After logging into their team page through their user center, the overview tab offers team highlights. This information includes the total amount raised by the team, general team donations, donor names and amounts, and a listing of team members. Captains can view and download a donation report, a general team donation report and a team member donation report. Also available is a team member report, which provides names and information about registered team members.

Athletes and volunteers who register for Adventure Team Challenge Colorado are automatically added to the World T.E.A.M. program email distribution list. If you have not been receiving regular emailed communication from World T.E.A.M. regarding the program (we send important written communication), you may need to white list our domain – worldteamsports.org – in your email service so mail is delivered. In many instances, mail may be delivered, but end up in your spam folder (this is particularly true for major free services such as Gmail or Yahoo). Please review your spam filter to see if the emails are waiting – if they are, identify as “not spam” and move to your in-box. You may also need to white list the address. If you are a returning athlete or volunteer, it is also possible that you may have at some point in the past opted out of incoming emails from our email service. In this instance, you will need to officially opt in to our service using our online request service.

World T.E.A.M.’s name contains an acronym. T.E.A.M. is short for “The Exceptional Athlete Matters,” which is a guiding light in our non-profit organization’s mission. To learn more about our organization’s exceptional history, visit our History page at our corporate website.


Your Adventure Team Challenge Colorado questions are always welcome. Email us today.

Mountain view from the 2017 start