Bike Rentals And Shipping

Shipping your bike

We HIGHLY advise adaptive athletes to fly with their personal bike with them during air travel. Many airlines permit this at no additional cost. Download and read our free PDF-format Air Travel Guidelines, providing helpful information about traveling by air with your bicycle or handcycle. Please contact Rob Cant for further detail.

World T.E.A.M. has partnered with BikeFlights to provide for secure shipping of bikes to and from Face of America for all athletes traveling by air.

With BikeFlights, athletes can pack and ship their bikes using a local bike shop in their community, then pick up their bike at the host hotel in Arlington. The host hotel can then ship the bike back home following the event.

Find a local bike shop to ship your bike and one at your destination city to pick up your bike. Many bike shops will disassemble your bike and pack it, then reassemble it when it arrives. Note that your shop will need to be available to deliver your bike to your host hotel, and then pick it up following the event conclusion for shipping home – this is your responsibility to arrange.

Order a shipping box or case from the BikeFlights store. Learn more about properly packing a bike to protect it from damage during shipping.

For athletes who don’t have a bike, or who prefer to travel light, we will have upright off-road bikes available for use at no cost. Our event coordinator will assist in arranging bikes for each participant. Note that off-road bicycles come with a stock seat and standard platform pedals. You may bring your own pedals that you can swap out at the beginning and at the end of the event. You are responsible to collect your pedals once they have been removed from the rental bike.

Participating athletes who are wheelchair users will be contacted by the Challenge’s event coordinator regarding hand cycles. If you have your own off-road bike, hand cycle or three-wheel recumbent, you should bring it. A limited number of free rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

All rental bicycles will be delivered to the Rancho del Rio camp for the Challenge and picked up at the same location following the event.