Reaching Rancho del Rio

The small fishing resort of Rancho del Rio is located in the high Gore Mountain Range in the Colorado River valley northeast of Eagle and west of Denver. Access to this rustic resort is by Interstate Highway 70 from Denver and Grand Junction and then north on Colorado Highway 131. The resort is to the east from State Bridge, along the gravel-surfaced Trough Road.

Denver International Airport (DEN): Many Challenge participants from across the country will travel by air to Denver, arriving at Denver International Airport on the northeast side of the city. This large airport is served by most major airlines and discount carriers. It is 158 miles to Rancho del Rio via Interstate Highway 70 and Colorado Highway 131 from Denver International; this is about a three hour drive. Challenge participants may choose to rent their own vehicle for travel to Rancho del Rio, or for no extra cost, take the chartered bus with other athletes and volunteers.

Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE): With early flight reservations, flying to Eagle, Colorado’s regional airport is affordable. This airport has daily flights from Denver and Dallas/Fort Worth on United and American Airlines. The airport is small and convenient to Rancho del Rio. At 32 miles, travel to Rancho is about a 45 minute drive.

If you choose to take the chartered bus from Denver, depending on your arrival time, you may have several hours before all athletes arrive and the bus departs. Take the time to relax or have a meal at one of the many restaurants in the terminal or meet up with other early Challenge arrivals.


Venue Directions

It’s simple to reach the Adventure Team Challenge Colorado. Visit Google Maps for detailed directions to the Rancho del Rio Resort.

During the event, Timberline Tours buses and shuttles will provide access to and from stages and Rancho del Rio for participating athletes and volunteers.