Safety and Race Etiquette

Gearing Up: Words of Advice from Course Director Billy Mattison


Congratulations on signing up for the Adventure Team Challenge … you have taken the first step! I am sure that the Challenge will be one of the most exciting and challenging things you will do this summer, and something you will think about until next year’s adventure course!

The intent of the Adventure Team Challenge is to challenge participants and teams physically and mentally while exploring and experiencing a mini-expedition. At its core, adventurers are challenged to navigate their way through wild terrain and to find a pre-determined number of checkpoints in order to complete the journey. A variety of disciplines are encountered during the Challenge, with hiking/running, mountain biking and rafting being the most common.

The course is going to challenge you. But, mostly, it will be exciting, adventurous, fun and a great opportunity to complete one of the “coolest courses on the planet.” Completing the journey and crossing the finish line is a great triumph and provides for a lifetime of experiences. It’s going to take desire, drive and determination.