Adaptive Athletes

There is a $40 non-refundable registration fee ($10 for members) for adaptive athletes and a $250 fundraising commitment.

Participating adaptive athletes receive several benefits as a part of their registration.

  • All athletes who live outside the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area are eligible for transportation reimbursement to and from Arlington. Upon review by our travel committee, this assistance includes mileage reimbursement for athletes who choose to drive their own vehicle, or airline reimbursement for athletes who live within the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Funding is limited.
  • Double-occupancy lodging for the athlete is provided for Friday and Saturday evenings. Thursday or Sunday evening lodging is the responsibility of the athlete, unless required for adaptive athlete transportation reservations. Lodging costs for additional room guests is the responsibility of the athlete, as are any additional costs such as parking, room or restaurant service and Internet service.
  • Provided meals include dinner Friday evening, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and finish line meal on Sunday.
  • Bicycle, recumbent and hand cycle rentals for adaptive athletes are available at no cost. Please indicate an interest in a rental during registration for your rental preference.
  • Shipping of bicycles for athletes traveling may use the BikeFlights service. Athletes must live within the United States and cover packing and shipping box costs.

Adaptive athletes are defined as any athlete who lives with a disability. This includes loss of limb, paralysis, blindness, deafness, Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and other injuries or conditions created by illness, accident, or work conditions and circumstances, as well as medical conditions by birth. Participation is open to all adaptive athletes, including military veterans and civilians. Adaptive athletes may have medically-required caregivers who provide daily living assistance. For athletes with caregivers, email us for assistance in registration.

  • Rooms at Face of America for adaptive athletes will be reserved by the World T.E.A.M. lodging committee.
  • World T.E.A.M. will pay for double occupancy rooms (roommate) for Friday and Saturday nights only.
  • World T.E.A.M. will notify the athlete by email of the lodging reservation.
  • Athletes requiring single occupancy for medical reasons may request such lodging during the reservation process. These requests will be reviewed and are not guaranteed. Documentation may be requested.
  • If an adaptive athlete wishes to travel with a friend or family member, the athlete will be required to make hotel reservations. World T.E.A.M. will reimburse for half of the room and lodging tax charges after the event. Receipts are required. Reimbursements will be mailed to the address used when registering for the event.
  • World T.E.A.M. will provide shuttle service between the Saturday ride ending/Sunday start at the Frederick Fairgrounds and the host hotels in Frederick.

For lodging information, contact

  • Adaptive athletes are eligible for a travel grant for each year of participation. These travel grants will be determined based on financial need and other factors. This includes air, bus, train and car mileage. Due to the limits of the organization, grants will vary in amounts and will be limited.
  • All air travel must be booked by the adaptive athlete, and communicated to World T.E.A.M. staff.
  • Our team will be available to assist with research of flight options, as well as coordinating special requests, including traveling with adaptive equipment, with the airlines. Please contact us for assistance.
  • All athletes arriving into Reagan National Airport in Washington should use the hotel’s courtesy shuttle service to the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. If for some reason this hotel service cannot be managed by the athlete please contact us prior to the event to request special assistance.


See our Shuttle Page for more info.


See our Food Page for more info.

Bike Shipping

We HIGHLY advise adaptive athletes to fly with their personal bike with them during air travel. Many airlines permit this at no additional cost. Download and read our free PDF-format Air Travel Guidelines, providing helpful information about traveling by air with your bicycle or handcycle. Please contact Rob Cant for further detail.

World T.E.A.M. has partnered with BikeFlights to provide for secure shipping of bikes to and from Face of America for all athletes traveling by air.

With BikeFlights, athletes can pack and ship their bikes using a local bike shop in their community, then pick up their bike at the host hotel in Arlington. The host hotel can then ship the bike back home following the event.

Find a local bike shop to ship your bike and one at your destination city to pick up your bike. Many bike shops will disassemble your bike and pack it, then reassemble it when it arrives. Note that your shop will need to be available to deliver your bike to your host hotel, and then pick it up following the event conclusion for shipping home – this is your responsibility to arrange.

Order a shipping box or case from the BikeFlights store. Learn more about properly packing a bike to protect it from damage during shipping.

Athlete Cancellation Process

Registered athletes who discover they are unable to participate in Face of America Gettysburg should be aware of the following policies and procedures.

  • Written Notification. It is best to send notification by email of your unavailability to participate, rather than simply not appearing at Arlington. Providing written notification allows World T.E.A.M. to invite or include an additional athlete. In addition, notification of a cancellation allows the organizers to not plan for your attendance.
  • Refunds and Transfers. Registrations and applicable fees are non-refundable and are not transferable to another participant. Donations are not refundable.
  • Commitment Charge. Athletes who cancel their participation or who do not show at the program check-in following the cancellation deadline may be subject to the full commitment charge to their provided credit account.
  • Physician and Official Orders Exemption. Athletes can avoid the commitment charge by providing a letter from their physician on the physician’s letterhead stating their inability to travel or to participate. Active-duty military members can avoid the commitment charge through providing a copy of their official orders.
  • Jerseys and other gear. Athletes who cancel prior to the program start, or who are a no-show, may request mailing of the program jersey or t-shirt by email message in the 30 days following the conclusion. Other gear, such as gift bags, may be available upon request. The athlete must have met or exceeded their fundraising commitment. Requested sizing may not be available.
  • Virtual Participants. Athletes may optionally transfer their registration to the non-participatory virtual participant category rather than cancelling. Such transfers allows the athlete to continue to be a member of their team, with donations already received or arriving benefiting the team. This transfer does not allow a refund of the registration fee, but does eliminate the fundraising commitment. Jerseys are provided if fundraising commitment is met. Such requests must be received by email message no later than 14 days prior to the program start.