Finish Lines

Saturday Finish at Frederick Fairgrounds

Athletes will complete Saturday’s ride at a special celebration hosted at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Upon arrival, participants can enjoy a meal from local food truck, Traditional Authentic Mexican Food with mini burritos, chips, taco salads, and tamales! Beer and water are also provided.

Bikes can be stored inside a secure covered building overnight.

From the fairgrounds parking lot, there will be free shuttle buses departing every few minutes for the local hotels. Catch a shuttle immediately after the ride to your hotel to check-in and change, or spend an hour or more relaxing and enjoying the band with friends and colleagues before heading to your hotel and dinner.

The Frederick Fairgrounds is located at 797 E Patrick Street in Frederick. All vehicles must use Gate 3 across from 112 Monroe Ave. Riders will start the Sunday route to Gettysburg from the Fairgrounds early the following morning.

Gettysburg Finish at the World War II American Experience museum

Early in the afternoon on April 21, participating athletes will complete their 108-mile journey from Arlington at the World War II American Experience museum in Gettysburg. Riders can experience a wide variety of exhibits of authentic WWII vehicles, uniforms and artifacts. The museum opens to family, friends and the public at noon.

After cycling below the World T.E.A.M. archway, athletes will be welcomed with a festive Face of America finish line party with BBQ and beverages. Our BBQ meals include pulled pork, coleslaw, beans, and mac and cheese. Beer and water are also provided. Participating riders and volunteers will receive one free ticket to cover their meal and beverage. Meals are available for purchase for friends and family of participating riders and volunteers. Riders are anticipated between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m.