Team Support

Participating teams in Face of America Gettysburg optionally can arrange for a family member, friend or colleague to drive a team support vehicle during the ride for the benefit of team members. The driver of this vehicle may register as a volunteer at no cost, selecting the Team Support Vehicle Driver interest. By doing so, they can help raise funds in support of their team.

The team driver or their designate must check-in at ride registration in Arlington on Friday, and receive a placard to be displayed in the vehicle’s right windshield. Meals are not included for team support vehicle drivers.

Team support vehicles are not permitted to drive within the peloton, or immediately following the riders owing to permitting regulations. They will need to take alternative routes to each stop. Registered team support vehicles will be provided designated parking areas at each rest stop, and at the ride beginning and conclusion each day. Parking fees are not waived or covered for support vehicles in Arlington.

Please be respectful and flexible to changes at all private properties that we are guests of, which World TEAM does not own, and subject to the owners preferences.