With state and local governments prohibiting gatherings of our size and pulling permits, unfortunately, World TEAM cannot go ahead with Face of America as currently planned, and therefore will not be hosting the event starting in Arlington, VA on April 24th.

For the staff of World TEAM, the decision to transition Face of America Gettysburg was difficult, not only because we are devastated not being with our Face of America family, but also because this event is the primary revenue generator for the organization, funding our operational costs while also allowing us to host inclusive programs throughout the year. Without your help, we will not be able to move forward with our mission.

So now what?

Let’s adapt and move forward!

Keep training and post on social media about how you are making the best of an unfortunate situation. Keep fundraising as best you can. We plan on sending out our amazing new ride jersey to ALL RIDERS prior to the event weekend in April. We want you to wear this with pride and post photos on social media. All Chairman’s Club members will receive the matching shorts or bib shorts! Please send us an email to verify your preferred mailing address for jerseys here.

We are going virtual April 24-26!

If you are not already part of Strava, join here

Then, join our club

Then join the 2020 Face of America Gettysburg Day 1 and Day 2 Ride

Finally, download the app to your phone

On Friday, April 24th, we will have a Virtual Kickoff Dinner. Join us at 7:00pm, as planned, from your computer! Wear your favorite FOA bike jersey and join us by video. We will send a link closer to the event. You will be joined by our staff and Board of Directors, and we will honor top fundraisers, sponsors, and celebrate together as we get ready to ride on Saturday, rain or shine! Ride outside, ride your stationary bike, run, or go for a walk! But join us. Let’s celebrate the spirit of Face of America together!

Let’s get Social

Connect with the Face of America community from all over the nation and the world through our new Facebook group #IAMFACEOFAMERICA. Post photos and videos to this group and throughout social media using #IAMFACEOFAMERICA. You can also upload your videos to our shared drive so our media team can then share through our channels.

What happens to donations now?

Some of you have reached out and asked “what happens to the donations now that Face of America is cancelled. And are they still tax deductible?” Donations to World T.E.A.M. are deductible under IRS guidelines. Donations are also non-refundable. Revenue from Face of America covers not only the cost of the event – including adaptive travel and lodging, meals, equipment, and gear – it also helps to fund the operational costs of the organization, so that we can continue to provide our inclusive programs throughout the year. These costs include salaries and benefits, professional services such as accounting and website support, insurance, etc. Face of America fundraising represents almost 75% of our total budget.

As many of you know, we are a lean organization; in 2018, 93% of our funds went to program costs. As a 501c3, we adhere to strict cost controls and we provide audited financials, available on our website. If you would like to pass this information onto your donors, we have provided a sample letter in your fundraising portal.

What about my fundraising commitment?

World T.E.A.M. will not be holding registered participants to their fundraising commitments with our fundraising deadline. However, we still need you. In order to sustain the organization through this uncertain time, we need to raise an additional $250,000 in the next six weeks.

What about my registration fee?

Registration fees will be refunded by request of the participant. Please keep in mind these fees pay for our database and website hosting services for Face of America.