Registration Trouble-Shooting

Trouble-Shooting Registration Issues

Having issues with your registration? You’ve come to the right page. Below are some common issues and potential solutions.If you find you still are having trouble after trying these solutions, send us an email note and we’ll help.

Watch out for account lockouts

If you attempt to register more than twice in short succession, fraud prevention from our merchant services account or your bank account will block your Internet address for a one to three hour period. This action is to prevent stolen cards from being attempted multiple times to find the right combination.

The CAPTCHA screen indicates an issue

The Captcha confirmation screen appears when your bank or our merchant services account has an issue with your provided credit card information. The issue could be as simple as a wrong expiration date or CVV code, or not matching your name exactly with what your bank has on file. This is a fraud prevention tool that does not normally appear in the registration process unless you have tried multiple times to register.

Try a new user name and password

Successful registering athletes report that it sometimes helps if you do not log into a past registration account with your new registration. Instead, try creating a new user name and password in your registration. We’ll merge the accounts after you have successfully registered.

Complete all required fields

It may seem obvious, but be sure that all required fields on the registration form are completed prior to submitting. These are the fields indicated with an asterisk (*). If you miss a field, the system will highlight the missing information in red after you submit.

Data accuracy counts

Be sure that your address and name in the data fields exactly match what your credit card account has on file. A variance of even a few letters sometimes results in a bank denying a charge.

Clear your memory

Before attempting to register again, be certain to clear your computer cache and memory for your browser. This can be done easily on most browsers, such as Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. This process clears any previous information that is stored from unsuccessful entries.

Alternatively, you can try using an alternate browser or even a different computer to register.